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Geriatric Dentistry:
The Fastest Growing Demographic

AGD 750 Special Patient Care
CE Credit:  8 or 16 Lecture/Participation

with Lou Graham, DDS

Saturday, April 13, 2024
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Lunch is provided

Maritime Conference Center
692 Maritime Blvd | Linthicum Heights
Building 4 | Classroom A111

Course Description:

Who knew that the fastest growing segment of our population is 65+! Another fact, more patients than ever before above the age of 70, have their teeth and with that comes far more challenges in their dental options and treatments. Add medical issues and you have a whole new subset within our profession, and it’s called geriatric dentistry. Let’s not forget most of these patients don’t have dental insurance and this course will also present some commonsense business approaches because when a 75-year-old comes to your office, they may be a patient truly for life!. Lastly, this is not a course on nursing home dentistry but far more about customizing your practice around the needs of these patients. We'll use 2D AI for diagnostics involving restorative and periodontal decision making and the latest approaches to SDF therapies.

Course Objectives:

Participants in this course will gain knowledge in the following areas:


  1. Ethically driven decision making; how to decide what's best for your patients.

  2. Why AI (artificial intelligence) is becoming an essential part of our diagnostics.

  3. How initial exams and recall exams incorporate the latest technologies (digital scanning) and 3D diagnostics (CBCT) into treatment planning and case acceptance.

  4. Modern day restorative approaches that allow us to prolong our patient’s dentitions.

  5. The vast majority of these patients present with periodontal issues, understand the best approaches to “upping” your oral hygiene game and the latest on treating refractory periodontal patients and their periodontal challenges

  6. Customizing your own in office dental plan.

About the Speaker:

For the past 35+ years, Dr. Graham has practiced dentistry in Chicago, Illinois. As dentistry evolved throughout his career, he remained at the cutting edge and incorporated many of these changes into both his multi-group specialty practice and his clinical courses. Dr. Graham’s course offerings incorporate the latest diagnostic technologies into everyday treatment planning and clinical care to ensure the best options and treatments are presented to each and every patient.

Throughout his career, his goal has always been to get teeth to their 75th birthday. With such, Dr. Graham’s emphasis has always been based on trust with the patient and conservative dentistry. His courses highlight many of the restorative options in dentistry today along with an emphasis on customized approaches to periodontal care, implants, laser dentistry and treatment for the ever-expanding geriatric population.

Dr. Graham is the founder of Catapult Education, now composed of 30+ speakers including clinical evaluators of the latest dental products and technologies with over 35,000 education subscribers.

Dr. Graham is a published author and is the former Dental Director of the University of Chicago’s Department of Dentistry.





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