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2024 Participation Series

The Maryland Academy of General Dentistry's annual Participation Series brings you immersive, hands-on educational programming to help you keep your dental skills sharp and on point.  The courses in the Participation Series are open to all and qualify for MasterTrack credit for those pursuing AGD Mastership.  Click here to learn more about the MasterTrack Program.


Success with Digital Dentures

AGD 670 - Removable Prosthodontics
CE Credit:  8 or 16 Lecture/Participation

with Brian Goodacre, MSD, DDS

You'll learn the benefits and get hands-on experience with

a three-appointment workflow to fabricate digital dentures. 


April 12, 2024

Maritime Conference Center


April 13, 2024

Maritime Conference Center

Geriatric Dentistry:
The Fastest Growing Demographic 

AGD 750 Special Patient Care
CE Credit: 8 or 16 Lecture/Participation

with Lou Graham, DDS

Who knew that the fastest growing segment of our population is 65+! Another fact, more patients than ever before above the age of 70 have their teeth and with that comes far more challenges in their dental options and treatments. We'll look at modern day restorative approaches that allow us to prolong our patient’s dentitions and the use of AI as part of our diagnostic toolkit.


Implant Therapy &
Crown Lengthening

AGD 690 Implants
CE Credit:  8 or 16 Lecture/Participation

with Timothy Hempton, DDS

This course will bring you hands-on work with Aesthetic Crown lengthening & ARP/GBR implant site preparation.


October 18, 2024

Maritime Conference Center


October 19, 2024

Maritime Conference Center

Anterior Composites Using
Digital Design & 3D Matrix

AGD 250 - Operative (Restorative) Dentistry
CE Credit: 8 or 16 Lecture/Participation

with Adam Hodges, DMD, PA

Ready to learn about an efficient new digital direct composite procedure? This course brings you hands-on experience with a new digital solution.

Join us for one or all!
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